Monday, May 23, 2011

Bike to Work...Revolution

So it continues....
It has become my mission to continue cycle-commuting to work.  Today was my first non-bike-to-work-week commute.  If last week taught me anything, it's that there is no excuse for my driving addiction.  I must ride!...And I must blog about it; even, if only, for myself (as I am one of my two followers).  I realize that there will be situations that necessitate a four-wheeled, roofed form of transport, but they seem few and far between.  Laziness is not a good reason to drive to work anymore!

 Now let's set some cycle-commuting ground rules.

I will ride my bike to work unless:

  • There is severe weather (Thunderstorms, heavy rain, etc).
  • I have some kind of important meeting or interview.
  • There is an after-work commitment, which requires a vehicle.
  • Something happens that I have not foreseen, which requires a vehicle.
I know that last one leaves some pretty big holes in the commitment, but you never know!  These rules will be revisited in the fall, and cool/cold weather measures will be taken at that time.  This is my commitment, and my blog will see me through. See you on the trail!

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