Friday, September 19, 2008

Socialism in America

I thought that Republicans believed in a free market. In the past three months three behemoth corporations that had apparently worn out their welcomes in the American market have been bailed out by our "Republican" executive administration. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and now AIG have been allotted billions in tax-payer dollars so as to remain players in a market which is weakened; arguably by those companies own unfair and greed driven lending. Aren't these the times when only the strong should survive? Shouldn't the market be able to take apart and absorb these corporations debts and return itself to normalcy? What is a REPUBLICAN administration doing meddling with the so-called "free market" in the first place? If this is going to be a socialist government, then I want it to admit it!! Maybe voters can then choose the person most qualified to preside over such a system. One can't claim to believe in a free-market system, and then use executive power to control the market.


slipsec said...

There really isn't any alternative to this action. It's an election year, so of course the republicans aren't going to point out that they are, as McCain has been repeatedly reported claiming to be: "Fundamentally de-regulators". Are you really surprised? When was the last time you heard the truth from that party?

Jdfreedom said...

I am not surprised at all, just disappointed.